What is a Niche ETF?

Niche ETFs are a new and fast growing investment product area. These ETFs have an ever increasing role in today’s market environment. The precise definition of what a Niche ETF is can vary somewhat among investment professionals. At their core they are a thematic ETF that allows an investor to take part in a very specific segment of the market.

At Niche ETF we are focused on ETFs that met at least of the 4 of the 5 Fundamental Factors. Each of the criteria must be meet and maintained in order to be included within the NicheETFs.com universe. The Niche ETF space is constantly changing as the market evolves.

Niche ETFs have the flexibility to span multiple sectors
and market cap ranges.

This allows for diversity in curating the underlying
constituents that make the index.

Criteria to Be Considered a Niche ETF

An Integrated Approach to Defining Niche ETFs

Tracking Tomorrow’s Economic Realities

Niche ETFs has identified 3 main categories and 12 thematic sub-segments to organize,
track and monitor participants in the Niche ETF universe.

Niche ETF Definition


Technological Revolution
Healthcare Specialties
Consumer Driven




Energy & Utilities
Public Works
Space & Defense

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