NicheETFs.com has been created and developed by an experienced team of industry experts, each with an average of 20 years experience in investments and finance. It is a collaborative result of individuals with both institutional and retail backgrounds, diverse accomplishments and complementary skills.

The global ETF Ecosystem is one of the fastest-growing segments in the asset management industry today. We are committed to being on the forefront of this emerging investment landscape. We seek to go beyond traditional investing solutions and explore opportunities with our network of industry support and expertise.


NicheETFs.com takes a different approach to ETF analysis. We are solely focused on niches that can help investors who look to diversify their investments and increase targeted exposure from select market, demographic, lifestyle and technology changes.

The impact of ETFs on the investment industry has been undeniable. From it’s humble beginning, in the early 1990’s, ETFs have offered revolutionary change to investors at all levels because of their ease of access, transparency, tax efficiency and lower fees. The ever-expanding number and types of ETFs can seem overwhelming.

Because of this rapid growth, one of the most overlooked and innovative parts of the ETF ecosystem are the Niche ETFs. These specialized products give the ability for investors to take part in – and target – very specific segments of the market based on select thematic investment opportunities. (Visit – Not all thematic ETFs are NicheETFs.)


With the goal of making intelligent and informed investment decisions, we seek to provide necessary resources and access to the most comprehensive information on Niche ETFs in the marketplace.

NicheETFs.com has been developed for educational purposes only and does not offer investment advice, nor offer the sale of securities.

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